According to information from Chinese Internet auction website, the website is currently cooperating with local commerce departments around China to fight sales of fake and shoddy products, and users who are found selling fake products in their online shops on will have their accounts permanently disabled.'s move comes after a shop owner registered on the website was found selling fake products of famous brands, including LV and Dunhill. Those fake products had been confiscated by the commerce department of Haidian District, Beijing. The case has also been transferred to the public security bureau for further investigation.

A representative from the website told local media that all of's shop owners registered by the real-name method, wich means they need to provide valid identification during their registration process. At present, implements both manual and automatic checks on products sold on the website. Consumers who buy products on the website can alternatively report fake products to the website. has also started a consumer protection scheme. According to this program, if products sold through have quality problems, the website will help the sellers to return the payments for the goods to consumers in advance, shortening the period of waiting for the returned money.


  1. This golf discount site operates out of china and sells counterfeit golf clubs.(
    I bet none of the name brand equipment that is out on their site is authentic. I purchased a set of Callaway golf irons from them and got suspicious. I sent a club to Callaway Golf company in Carlsbad, CA and after it was inspected by Callaway Golf they were determined to be fake, replica, counterfeit. This site claims they sell authentic equipment but they lie and sell china, counterfeit junk. Unfortunately I found them on a Google search and they are ripping off consumers all over the world and hurting legitimate companies. I have proof. Callaway sent me an official letter to support my claim. SPREAD THE WORD!

  2. This website sells fake UGG Australia products: They have completely copied the authentic website, and make claims to be affiliated with the Decker outdoor company. I became suspicious after payment was drafted from my account under a name I didn't recognize. I emailed the company and after MANY nagging emails from me, they finally admitted the product was a fake. I have the option to return the product to China, but the return shipping charges are more than the cost of the product I ordered. After speaking with the official UGG Australia company, I was informed that authentic UGG products will NEVER be on sale. Any time they are found for a lower price they are fakes. Please spread the word and stop this internet fraud!

  3. yes, there is a lot fakes in china,
    do you guys think in this way:
    an authentic lv handbags cost thousands dollars
    they are made with cowskin right?
    and how much would cost for one whole cow?
    if the copy is good enough, i would buy a copy one
    days before chrismas day,i buy one pair ugg boots from
    the so called authorized ugg boots shop:
    i know they are copy ones, though they claim it is authentic
    too low price, lool
    i like their their boots


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