Google China is cooperating with the Beijing-based website in launching a Beijing Valentine's Day map, which will help lost lovers find services like restaurant booking and flower delivery in Beijing for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The Google Beijing Valentine's Day map integrates 15 different maps, covering restaurants, gifts, chocolate shops, parties, clubs and hotels. Each of the maps will provide store information, including store addresses, business times, special products, services and contacts. Li Xi, technology director for Google China's engineering institute, says that Google's map service aims to become a small assistant for netizens. The newly launched Beijing Valentine's Day map is consistent with the fashion culture of young citizens and can provide rich and practical life information to them.

Zhou Jie, former product director of Google China and founder of, says that all the information on is checked, recorded and filtered artificially to ensure its reliability and exactness. He reveals that the company already started to prepare for the cooperation with Google China before the Spring Festival and the two sides will continue to work together in more sectors.

The Valentine's Day map is also one move of Google China's localization. Prior to this, Google launched several special maps focusing on hot events in China such as the Spring Festival transportation, the earthquake relief and the passing of the Olympic torch.


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