Huawei Technologies has announced that it is cooperating with Intel to build a WiMAX interoperability testing laboratory in Beijing.

Zhao Ming, president for Huawei's CDMA and WiMAX product line, says that the company is glad to play an active role in this cooperation. With the cooperation with Intel in the development of this advanced test laboratory in Beijing, Huawei will be able to further promote research of WiMAX technologies. At the same time, the systematic and rigorous testing in the new Beijing laboratory will accelerate the development of WiMAX operators across the world.

Sriram Viswanathan, vice president for Intel Capital and general manager for Intel's WiMAX program office, says Intel is dedicated to providing market-ready and interoperable WiMAX-enabled devices.

Since 2001, Huawei Technologies has been engaged in the research of WiMAX and it has had more than 2,000 engineers involved in the WiMAX-related research. In April 2005, Huawei started its first cooperation with Intel in the WiMAX field. At that time, the two sides signed an agreement to jointly promote the technology research and market promotion of WiMAX.


  1. This what shows that WIMAX has a bright future. Though the late launch of WIMAX in America created a lot of conspiracy but things are now getting clear for investors.


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