William Ding, founder of the Chinese Internet portal NetEase, says the company will invest at last CNY10 million to set up a pig farm in Zhejiang province and establish a website to connect the Internet industry with agricultural pursuits.

According to an article on Chinese technology website ChinaByte.com, NetEase has reportedly completed the preliminary investigation and research work. It will adopt the breeding model with standardized production lines and feed the pigs with eco-friendly feed. NetEase, itself, has issued no response to this article, so it is still unclear if ChinaByte.com is hamming up this story.

Experts in the breeding industry say that China's current pork industry is in recession and many factories have even made losses. However, the high-end breeding market has a certain development space. Ding also says in the article that scientific breeding methods will produce better products.

Previously, at an Internet conference held in September 2008, Ding revealed that he would enter the agricultural market and NetEase already contacted some agricultural research institutions in Zhejiang at that time.

It is unclear yet how investors will react to their Internet-focused company moving to rural pursuits in China.


  1. Can you please forward this note to Mr William Ding please – My thanks
    Dr Mike A Varley Swine Consultant

    Dear Mr William ing CEO NetEase

    My name is Dr Mike Varley from England – here in Shanghai, visiting
    a week in China. I am an international swine consultant and have
    previously worked as a nutrition professor in England. Swine
    and production are my expertise. I read with great interest this
    afternoon in the China Daily newspaper, the article on William Ding's
    Organic Farmin Swine Enterprise. (NetEase). I think this is a
    tremendous development for the Chinese pork and food industrty and I
    wish William Ding every success with this. We have a lot of
    in the UK with this type of organic and extensive swine production
    the consumers just love the meat and the idea of the production
    systems. They will therefore pay a premium price for this type of
    and also the supermarkets have to pay the farmer more for the pigs.

    The trick is in both the genetics and in the feeding and nutrition of
    these pigs and we try to encourage more intra-muscular fat into the
    which gives it a unique flavour. It is also possible to add value to
    the meat by including in the feeding certain ingredients that add
    flavour that consumers like. It is also possible to make these
    systems quite low cost because ofte outdoor housing and rearing is
    to accommodate the breeding and reared pigs even to slaughter

    This could therefore be the 'Next Big Thing' in pork for human food
    China and I know how the Chinese people love pork. I have visited
    China myself many times over the last 20 years and hve seen great
    changes – I think this change will bring some new opportunities for
    both farmers and for consumers.

    I would love ot be able to contact William Ding directly if his email
    address is available but I also hope you can pass htis message to
    for me.

    My Thanks

    Dr Mike A Varley
    The Pig Technolgy Company
    Yorkshire, England
    tel +44 7515 288 167
    email [email protected]


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