China's Communications Standards Association has added Teknovus' 2.5G EPON as a standard specification for fiber-based broadband access networks.

CCSA's adoption of 2.5G EPON now enables service providers to offer more bandwidth per subscriber for multiple tenant units, including residential and business subscribers. Teknovus' 2.5G EPON chips, known as Turbo-EPON, are fully compliant with CCSA's specifications and provide a seamless upgrade path to greater bandwidth serving Asia's significant MTU market.

"China's service providers and CCSA are leading the way in defining, standardizing and deploying next generation fiber communication networks," stated Dr. Lynn Hutcheson, vice president of communications components at OVUM. "The addition of 2.5G EPON provides all of the economic advantages of the widely deployed and mature EPON standard at twice the throughput, which is an excellent first step towards meeting the bandwidth requirements of densely populated areas."


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