Chinese online game, security and software provider Kingsoft has set up a new workshop named Rainbow, which is the company's seventh game development workshop.

According to an insider, the Rainbow workshop is located in Beijing and it will be mainly engaged in the development of massively multiplayer online role playing games. Although Kingsoft has not officially published the news, it is said the company has started to recruit new employees for the workshop through the Chinese online recruitment website

At present, Kingsoft has seven game workshops, including three in Beijing with about 130 employees, two in Zhuhai with about 400 employees, one in Chengdu with 120 employees, and one in Dalian with 70 employees. Among the seven workshops, six are established by Kingsoft and one was acquired.

In 2009, only the Xishanju workshop located in Zhuhai will launch a new game product JX Online 3, while other workshops will focus on primary development and the development of Kingsoft's games that have already hit the market.


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