51job.com, one of the leading online human resource service providers in China, has launched a nationwide platform, in cooperation with hundreds of companies, providing internship opportunities for college students.

It is learned that companies can post internship and part-time job information on the platform at zero cost, while college students can learn about the company trends and other job-related information.

So far, a total of 596 companies, including China Mobile, Eli Lilly and Company, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Sony Ericsson and Horizon Research have joined the platform, providing 3165 internship and part-time jobs targeting college students. In addition, companies like Bosch China and Oracle have held online campus talks, enabling college students to communicate online with their human resource executives or engineers and find answers to questions that they encounter during their internship.

Zhen Ronghui, CEO of 51job.com, said that under the current economic situation, 51job.com would like to sacrifice its income to help college students find employment. Zhen said that though companies reduced the number and cost of their hiring at the moment, the fast developing Chinese market still attracts companies to carry on short-term or provisional projects and these companies can hire interns or part-time workers to meet their demand.

As one of the first professional human resource service providers in China, 51job.com was listed in September 2004 and became the first Nasdaq-listed Chinese human resources service provider.


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