According to Liu Xiaodong, senior vice president of the owner of CBSI Group, will first invest CNY20 million in the development of its e-commerce platform and the Chinese media website will invest a total amount of CNY100 million in this platform over the next three years. started to prepare its e-commerce platform early in 2006 and this platform will be formally launched on March 25, 2009. The platform will incorporate distributions and services by cooperating with local electronics dealers, and it has currently reached partnership with Alibaba's Internet payment subsidiary Alipay.

Liu said hopes to cooperate with manufacturers from all over the world to jointly set up China's professional e-commerce logistics standards, after-sale service standards, and a standardized service system.

As a vertical technology and digital information website, will first enter the online digital product sector in which the Chinese online B2C retailer may be its strongest competitor.


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