Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has announced that in China Telecom's first 3G network interface card purchase, the company has gained over 50% share of the contracts.

Huawei will provide China Telecom with three models of 3G network interface cards, including EC169 and EC8189, which target the corporate market, and EC1260, which is currently the USB product with the smallest size among CDMA 3G network interface cards.

Chen Chongjun, director for Huawei's terminal marketing department, said that with a deep understanding of the needs of operators, Huawei will assist China Telecom in the development of its 3G services.

By February 2009, Huawei's global shipment of 3G network interface cards hit over 30 million, serving 235 telecommunications operators in more than 110 countries and regions worldwide.


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