U.S.-based Dolby Laboratories Inc. hopes its latest move to support Chinese consumer electronics makers will expand sales of its Blu-ray Disc products.

Three digital entertainment companies in China have agreed to license Dolby TrueHD, a lossless compression technology, and Dolby Digital Plus, which delivers up to 7.1 channels of surround sound for future Blu-ray Disc products. Those Chinese firms are TCL Technoly Electronics (Huizhou) Co. Limited; MIT Technology Co. Limited; and Lite-On IT Corporation.

"We are proud to provide the best entertainment experience to consumers by using Dolby's technology," said Ted Mao, manager of the product strategy and planning division at Lite-On.

In addition to partnering with Chinese manufacturers, Dolby is also working to raise the awareness of high-definition sound among consumers and working closely with content providers and distributors to support the development of the high-definition industry in China.


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