Chang Xiaobing, chairman of China Unicom, said while attending the recent China IT Leaders & CEO Shenzhen Summit 2009 that the negotiation between Apple and China Unicom for the introduction of iPhone into China is still ongoing and the result of the negotiation is also an open question.

Rumors in Chinese media previously stated customer service staff from China Unicom Shanghai confirmed that the company has reached an agreement with Apple to introduce Apple's 3G iPhone into China and the news will be officially announced on May 17. At the same time, introduction for the 3G iPhone product appeared on the official website of China Unicom Shanghai.

However, the rumor was then denied by China Unicom and its chairman Chang Xiaobing told local media that it is true that China Unicom is negotiating with Apple, but the two sides are still considering the conditions and the negotiation may be successful or may not.

More previously, a delegation led by China Unicom's vice president for mobile communications marketing, Li Gang, went to Apple's U.S. headquarters for a negotiation on March 8 and the delegation returned to Beijing on March 18. It is said the two sides have gained major progress in the negotiation, but they have not reached any agreement.


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