I.T. automation software provider Kaseya has entered the Chinese market, taking it as an important part of its global expansion strategy.

Kaseya says it aims to help technology service providers to offer automated and active management and monitoring services to their clients. Kaseya's customers cover small and medium-sized enterprises and tech management service providers.

Kaseya has a large and rapidly-developing worldwide user group with a total number of over 3,500 IT management service providers, managing about 3.5 million computers. Kaseya's tech automation framework allows tech professionals to monitor, manage and maintain distributed infrastructure remotely, easily and efficiently with one integrated web-based platform, so as to improve the production capacity of these services providers as well as reduce their costs.

Kaseya's vice president for North Asia says that by providing a complete platform to tech management service providers, Kaseya will help them attract more customers, enhance their employees' production capacity, and increase the satisfaction of their customers. Kaseya will not only take the opportunity to show its commitment in business expansion, but also will implement close cooperation with Chinese clients to create a win-win situation. For corporate users, Kaseya will help them improve production capacity, reduce costs, and manage their IT resources more efficiently.

At present, users can download Kaseya's 30-day free test edition and the company will launch simplified Chinese edition software in the second quarter of 2009 to support its development in China.


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