An insider from the Chinese security software and online game company Kingsoft has confirmed with local media that several mid-level staff of the company have recently departed from their positions.

These staff are all reportedly the backbone of Kingsoft's game business, including Liu Peng, assistant president of Kingsoft's game sector and who was previously in charge of the research and development of games; Zheng Ke, marketing director for Kingsoft's game sector; and Qi Lei, planning director for Kingsoft's game sector.

The duty transfer of these staff have reportedly already completed. Ni Zhigang, Kingsoft's vice president who previously in charge of the software business, will temporarily take over the online game sector.

In addition, Sun Feng, business channel director for Kingsoft's online game sector, will soon take a back seat and his work will be taken over by Sun Bin.

So far, these resigned staff have not disclosed their future career plans and Kingsoft has no official comment on this issue.