China Unicom, the Chinese telecommunications operator that manages WCDMA as its 3G business, will launch a new 3G brand "Wo" and its logo on April 28, 2009, marking the formal beginning of the company's promotion of its 3G business.

On the afternoon of April 28, China Unicom will display the logo of its new 3G brand nationwide and explain its understanding about 3G with the slogan of this new brand. The company will reportedly use three different colored logos, including orange, blue, and green, to cover different target markets such as young people, business people, and families.

At present, this new logo has already appeared on a type of China Unicom customized WCDMA network interface card.

Previous to this, the other two Chinese licensed 3G business operators China Telecom and China Mobile has launched their 3G brands, "eSurfing" and "G3", respectively.


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