China Unicom has published its unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2009 ended March 31 and states it made revenue of CNY37.917 billion while its net profit was CNY3.566 billion.

Apart from the CNY150 million from the deferred income of the fixed line installation fees, China Unicom's revenue in the period was CNY37.77 billion, of which, service income was CNY37.5 billion and mobile phone service income was CNY16.74 billion. In addition, its average minutes of usage per user per month were 239.2 minutes and average revenue per user per month was CNY41.3.

Revenue from fixed line service was CNY20.58 billion, of which, revenue from broadband business was CNY5.76 billion and the average revenue per user of broadband users was CNY61.2.

China Unicom's costs in the first quarter of 2009 were CNY33.3 billion, including CNY 11.65 billion of depreciation and amortization costs and CNY4.66 billion sales costs.