Chinese leading PC brand Acer has announced its performance for the first quarter of 2009 and states its revenue was NTD119.086 billion, about USD3.54 billion, while its net profit was NTD2.03 billion, about USD60.29 million.

It net profit was lower than the industry's expectation of NTD2.23 billion and was a decrease of 31% compared with the NTD2.95 billion net profits in the same period of last year.

However, the company said it will replace HP to be the world's largest notebook dealer before the end of 2010. Previously, Acer launched a new low-priced ultra-light notebook product.

In addition, Acer has already entered the low-cost product sector with a new netbook line and it helped the company gain a market share which equals that of Dell in a larger PC sales market. At present, Dell is the world's second largest PC dealer by sales. According to Wang Jen-tang, chairman of Acer, because of the global financial crisis, the trend of transfer to cheaper products is unavoidable.


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