Chinese telecommunications operator China Mobile has signed a framework agreement with the Guangdong government to invest CNY80 billion in the province in the next five years to support its network construction and business development in Guangdong.

According to the agreement, China Mobile and the Guangdong government will jointly implement ten projects, including the leading information network project, the digital Asian Games project, and the TD-SCDMA boutique project. These projects are expected to greatly promote the development of Guangdong's telecom industry and offer jobs to 200,000 people.

For the same goal, the Guangzhou municipal government launched the suggestions to accelerate the information construction in Guangzhou on May 12 and the suggestions set five-year targets in six aspects, including increasing the ratio of companies that involves e-commerce to over 70%, forming three information industry clusters with output of over CNY50 billion for each, and increasing the coverage of wireless broadband to 80% of the total population of Guangzhou.

Prior to this, China Mobile signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Shanghai's government with total investments of CNY31 billion.

Another Chinese telecom operator China Telecom also signed framework agreement with Guangdong on April 23 to promote the construction of a project named digital Guangdong. Wang Xiaochu, general manager of China Telecom, said that China Telecom has viewed Guangdong as the most important business development and innovation base and the company has invested over CNY40 billion in the construction of the information infrastructure in the province over the past few years. However, the investment amount for the latest cooperation is not revealed.


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