Focused on applications for microcontrollers and USB keys, Chingis Technology Corporation has unveiled a 0.18um embedded flash memory process technology and IP portfolio with China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation.

"This new advanced technology is intended to enable customers to develop high performance products with very competitive cost," said Alex Wang, president and CEO of Chingis Technology Corporation. "We are very pleased to cooperate with SMIC to successfully build up the third generation pFLASH platform in such a short time."

SMIC's 0.18um embedded flash process, the product of a close collaboration between a pioneering foundry and an expert in embedded non-volatile memory, is based on the third generation of Chingis's patented architecture.

With its low power consumption, small area, and configuration flexibility, the 0.18um embedded flash process is an option for customers involved in a wide range of applications, such as microcontrollers, USB keys, smartcards, and devices for the fast-growing automotive market.


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