According to Guangdong Communications Administration, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and the State Council Information Office are jointly formulating regulations on mobile phone real-name registration system and the regulations are waiting for the approval of the State Council.

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department said that by the end of April 2009, the province had cracked 468 phone-based fraud cases, eliminated 46 fraud gangs, caught 323 suspects, captured stolen money of CNY2.45 million, and frozen involved funds of CNY9.4 million.

The public security department suggests that to reduce the social security risks caused by the development of the communications industry and to contain illegal activities via short messages, the communications administrative departments should launch a real-name mobile phone SIM card system. This would tie purchase of all SIM cards and phones to the identities of the people who purchase those cards and phones.

Guangdong Communications Administration said that because the mobile phone real-name system involves all users of the mobile phone networks, it is impossible to be implemented in only one province or region. The administration revealed that China's MIIT has formulated relevant regulations in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security and the State Council Information Office and the regulations are waiting for the approval of the State Council. Once the regulations are approved and published by the nation, it will actively promote the regulations with relevant departments across Guangdong.


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