announced that it will invite five major online safety solution providers to join its test of its new media player software.

The five parties are Rising, Kingsoft, 360 Safety Bodyguard, Kaspersky and KV. Each of these companies provides anti-virus, anti-phishing, or overall computer security software. is expected to release the new media player beta before June 19, a month after the May 19 massive network failure which allegedly was caused by the excessive domain name resolution requests of

After the network congestion on May 19, 2009, announced plans to launch a new beta of Media Player to reduce the burden of its online traffic.


  1. dear sir or sirs.
    i have just purchased a spy pen fron hong kong and it now says to get it to work i have to download a speciel flash driver at a cost of 45 pounds stirling. why do you not send out the drivers with the pens .people would not get uptight and angry as they would work and boost you sales . people can only get sound but not video , WHY?


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