Beijing's technology industry oversight agencies will ask website publishers, editors and webmasters of websites that are registered in the city to register their real names in an effort to prevent unhealthy online content from being published.

Various local Chinese media are reporting this new initiative, however there are few specifics on which government departments will be responsible for this oversight and when the initiative will begin. A real name registration system entails having all the editors and publishers of online media in Beijing provide their real names and identification cards to a government entity for processing, tracking, and registration.

The city will reportedly also control the number of new netcafes this year. The Beijing municipal public security department will work with the concerned departments in the city to develop software for network users, including netcafes, schools and family users, to filter harmful online information free of charge. Though local media reports are not specific on what type of software this could be, it may be the Green Dam Youth Escort software that has recently been in the news.

In addition, Beijing will recruit about 10000 voluntary netcafe supervisors to monitor netcafes and help remove pornographic content.

It is understood that Beijing currently has about 370,000 registered websites.


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