Chinese telecommunications operator China Unicom has signed a cooperative framework agreement with the municipal government of Hainan to build the province into a broadband wireless information island.

Under the agreement, China Unicom will invest about CNY3.6 billion in Hainan in the next five years to enhance the province's information infrastructure construction and to realize a full coverage of 3G and broadband networks across the island province.

In addition, the Hainan government will give full support to China Unicom's construction and operation in Hainan; encourage and promote local enterprises to form industry alliances with China Unicom; enhance Hainan's support to the development of the information industry; take China Unicom as a strategic cooperative unit for comprehensive information services and rural information construction; and achieve overall cooperation and joint development with China Unicom.

At present, the China Unicom Hainan branch has launched a 3G commercial trial in the province. For the next step, China Unicom Hainan will focus on the broadband mobile Internet businesses and improve Hainan's information development level and information industry scale.


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