Chinese software and online game provider Kingsoft has announced that it has joined Microsoft's Virus Information Alliance and become the first Chinese anti-virus software provider in the alliance, sharing virus information with the 17 other leading anti-virus companies in the world.

In regards to the reason for joining the alliance, Wang Xin, COO for Kingsoft's security software subsidiary, told local media that the core anti-virus technologies of Kingsoft Duba's Cloud Security Center have maintained leading positions in China's Internet information security sector. Meanwhile, Kingsoft would like to share these technologies with the industry. Kingsoft's joining VIA shows the company's commitment to the opening and sharing of these technologies.

As a new member of the alliance, Kingsoft will share virus information with 17 other top anti-virus companies across the world. When a major virus breaks out, the alliance will provide a communication response platform to enable the members to share their latest research results with each other.


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