China Central Television has exposed in its news and Focus Report programs that the website for Google China contains links to a large number of websites hosting pornographic and vulgar content.

China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre expressed its great resentment at Google China, via the television reports, and asked the search engine company to clear the pornographic information completely. CIIRC suggested relevant law-enforcement departments implement punishments in accordance with the law. Founded on June 10, 2004, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre is sponsored by the Internet Information Service Commission of the Internet Society of China.

According to reports on CCTV, Google China was condemned for providing pornographic and vulgar links in January and April 2009 and the company was exposed by CIIRC twice. The center received reports again recently and found that there were still a large number of vulgar and pornographic pictures and videos on the website.

The reports stated that Google China did not fulfill its responsibility of filtering the pornographic contents in accordance to the law of China and a large number of pornographic contents on the overseas Internet were introduced to China via this website, which seriously violates China's laws and regulations on Internet management, brings harm to the health of young people, and infringes the interests of the public. Therefore, the CIIRC asked Google China to delete these illegal contents, suggested relevant law-enforcement departments implement punishment, and called for the continuous supervision of Chinese netizens.

Starting from May 1, 2009, China launched a special campaign to fight the vulgar atmosphere on the Internet. Since then the CIIRC has received over 150,000 reports and examined more than 80,000 websites. So far, Google China has no response for this issue.


  1. couple of things…..

    A: go to and, do an image search and count the number of 'porn' thumbnails that come up….baidu will be more….

    B: check out this website….

    C: where i come from, making someone pay you money so you stop harassing them is call protection and blackmail…good to see that CCTV is 'playing fair'….

    D: i live in china and last night was reading about the CCP on wikipedia, my internet was cut off after about 3 minutes of reading and only came back on this morning…

    I fully support google on this and feel they should fight it…porn does no harm to people, the west has been making it for years and look at us…maybe china needs more…lol

  2. Western people and western companies do not belong in China. China is for the Chinese people. The americans are upset because they are not number one anymore. China is number one now. Google and the other western companies are filthy smut pedeling profiteers and should be driven out.


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