AsiaInfo Holdings, a provider of high-quality telecom software solutions and IT security products and services in China, has won a bid to set up a new charge system for China Mobile Beijing's pre-paid services.

According to Steve Zhang, president and CEO of AsiaInfo, with the ever-intense competition in China's telecom industry, operators need a modern charging and operating system to support their fixed line, broadband, and mobile phone services to provide better experiences to customers. The products of AsiaInfo make the goal possible and will provide functions like real-time data collecting, costs calculating, and payment in a stable and user-friendly environment while maintaining all the features of the current system.

To provide the real-time charge function, the new system will support China Mobile Beijing's voice, data, content, and other pre-paid services and it can meet the standard of China Mobile's NG-BOSS 1.0 system.

Prior to this, AsiaInfo already cooperated with China Mobile Beijing and provided customer relationship management solutions and business intelligence solutions to the latter.


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