Chinese telecommunications operator China Telecom has announced that it will formally close its C to G dual-mode card service, which allows China Telecom's CDMA network users to roam to China Unicom's GSM network, from August 1, 2009.

China Telecom Shanghai told local media that, according to plan, China Telecom will not provide the C to G dual-mode card service after it acquired the CDMA business from China Unicom. With the cooperation of China Unicom, this service is prolonged to July 31, 2009, and from August 1, China Telecom will close the service and will stop collecting monthly fees for the service.

China Telecom Shanghai also said that from now until July 31, users of the C to G dual-mode cards can go to China Telecom's business halls to change their cards to China Telecom's eSurfing international cards, by which, their mobile phone numbers will not be changed and their former packages and services will not be affected. If the users do not change their cards during the limited period, their cards will be automatically converted to China Telecom's general CDMA cards and these cards can only be used in CDMA mobile phones.

During China's telecom restructuring in 2008, the CDMA network formerly operated by China Unicom was transferred to China Telecom and many CDMA services have been closed. Prior to this, China Telecom published a report and stated that it will close the UM instant messaging service on June 30, 2009, and the UniJa service, a Java value-added service, will be closed on July 31.


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