European leading communication service provider Deutsche Telekom has announced plans to set up a Shenzhen branch, which is reportedly the company's fourth branch in China.

Michael Hagspihl, senior vice president of Deutsche Telekom, told local media that the reasons for the company to open its new branch in Shenzhen is because it makes Deutsche Telekom closer to its suppliers and partners such as Huawei, ZTE, BYD, and TCL; it is convenient to hire local talents; and the branch in Shenzhen can help the company's development in the Chinese market together with its existing branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Deutsche Telekom's Shenzhen branch will reportedly be in charge of communication products, technology innovation, and procurement, covering telecom equipment purchase, mobile phone production, wireless services, value-added services development, and software development.

In addition, the new branch will provide services and support to Deutsche Telekom's mobile and fixed line businesses, enhance Deutsche Telekom's relationship with Chinese technology providers, expand the company's market, build partnerships, and coordinate its existing and future projects.

In the future, the Shenzhen branch will also focus on increasing Deutsche Telekom's procurement volume in Asia.


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