According to Guo Keli, vice director of Beijing Communications Administration, China currently implements strict standards to limit electromagnetic radiation of communication facilities such as 3G base stations and these standards are even stricter than those in some developed countries.

Guo said after the issuance of 3G licenses in China, large-scale constructions of 3G base stations have been started across China. At the same time, the electromagnetic radiation conditions of these base stations have been questioned by people, especially in major cities like Beijing, where the construction was affected by such problem.

In response to the worry, Guo revealed while attending a meeting in Beijing that according to the relevant regulations in China, radio facilities should be evaluated before starting construction. China's environmental protection departments and health departments have issued several regulations and technical standards, including Regulations for Electromagnetic Radiation Protection and Measures on Management of Electromagnetic Radiation Environmental Protection, to prevent electromagnetic radiation pollution and to safeguard the public.

Guo explained that these regulations prescribe that the electromagnetic radiation of communication base stations in China should be limited to 40 microwatt per square centimeter, which is even stricter than some developed countries. So far, all base stations of Chinese telecom operators can meet the standard.


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