China Telecom Guandgong, the company's largest branch in China, has announced plans to further support the development of China's online game industry.

Based on its eight million broadband user group, China Telecom Guangdong's new plan will cover channel-sharing promotion, flexible service cooperation, online game exhibition, and online game competition.

For channel-sharing promotion, China Telecom Guangdong will launch a new brand named "Internet Cafe Alliance" and officially open its 6,500 Internet cafe channels in Guangdong to online game providers.

According to the company, the Internet Cafe Alliance is a industrial chain integration solution that targets Internet cafe users and online game providers. With a 100-megabyte express channel that directly connects the Internet cafes to the servers of online game providers, netizens can gain high-speed downloads and entertainment experiences while online game providers will have a promotion channel that can reach their end users. The Internet Cafe Alliance is expected to cover 600,000 computers and over 10 million netizens.

In addition, China Telecom Guangdong plans to open its channel to the eight million ADSL family users in Guangdong to online game providers. This plan aims at a industrial chain integration solution that targets ADSL family users, online game providers, and online video providers.


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