Failing in paying fees for the music they use, more than 40 KTV owners in Kunming are facing a lawsuit lodged by China Audio-Video Copyright Association.

According to CAVCA, it has sent legal letters to more than 40 KTV outlets in Kunming urging them to pay the fee as soon as possible. This is said to be the largest action that the organization has ever taken in pushing the KTV operators to pay the copyright fee.

KTVs that have already received the legal letter include Kunming Modern Holiday KTV, Dihao Shengdian KTV at Xiongye Hotel, Longge Yingxiang KTV at Zhujiangyuan Hotel and Panlong Jiuge KTV. Some of them have begun to contact CAVCA and expressed their willingness to pay the fee, while others doubt whether CAVCA has the right to charge them a fee.

CAVCA states that its ultimate purpose is not to file a lawsuit against these KTVs, but to raise the awareness with the entertainment venues in copyright protection. CAVCA says it welcome KTVs that are willing to pay the fee and would like to hold consultations with them to address the copyright issues.


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