Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's Court has launched the first Internet court in China to turn the traditional face-to-face trial into a "keyboard-to-keyboard" one of the information age.

This Internet lawsuit service platform covers various convenient legal services and the entire legal proceedings, including online registering, online inquiries, contacts with judge, online mediation, and online exchange of evidence.

Its main services are divided into two major parts: one is a public service area, providing readings and downloads of litigation guides, laws, regulations, and legal instruments. The online judge will answer legal issues raised by netizens and an online trial live program will be available for some types of cases.

The other service is a litigants service area which offers services related to lawsuits and enables these litigants to enjoy the convenient judicial services without leaving the comfort of staring at their computer screens.


  1. If this internet court is really going to be useful it needs to address these issues in Shanghai:

    A) Parking Tickets
    B) Foreign Residence Registration when we come back in from overseas vacation on our Z visas. It is such a damn hassle to register each time I come back to MY HOME. I own a pace in Shanghai but by law I must register each time I come back from overseas so having website regitration is great idea!
    C) Gettig my dogs registered online!!
    D) Having a marriage license issued online!!


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