BDL Media, a leading provider of digital services to small and medium companies in China, has enhanced its ability to deliver marketing, advertising, and public relations products to clients in China with a new Direct Mail License for its Shanghai Boshiyuan Guanggao subsidiary and a High & New Technology Enterprise Certification for its Beijing-based wholly-owned foreign enterprise.

The DM License allows BDL Media's subsidiary to directly provide broadcasts of print direct mail sent throughout China. Partnering with China Post, Shanghai Boshiyuan Guanggao can provide segmented broadcasts to targeted databases of businesses and consumers in China. Shanghai Boshiyuan Guanggao is an advertising company started four years ago. BDL Media's press release states the DM License is only available to advertising companies in Shanghai after three years of operation, providing a barrier to entry for other companies hoping to create direct marketing businesses in China.

At the same time as obtaining the coveted DM License, Shanghai Boshiyuan Guanggao has increased its capitalization to CNY1,500,000, allowing it to also acquire an Internet Content Provider License for its online services.

After renewing its High & New Technology Enterprise Certification twice previously for a combined four years, BDL Media's wholly-owned foreign enterprise subsidiary in China has now renewed its HNTE certification under the new guidelines in China. Granted in Beijing's Zhongguancun area, the HTNE certification is this time approved for three years, until 2012. HNTE certification is only granted to those companies in China that provide the highest level of technology services, and the certification also grants generous tax breaks up to 50% lower than companies lacking HNTE certification.

BDL Media's wholly-owned foreign enterprise subsidiary now has both the standard software services license and the HNTE certification, according to the company's CEO, Danny Levinson.

Providing digital services to small and medium businesses in China since 2005, BDL Media has its headquarters in Beijing, with satellite offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.


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