As a result of the separation of from China Yahoo, local media reports that about 100 employees from in Beijing may resign from the company.

Affected by the merger of with Alibaba's e-commerce service, more than 100 employees of in Beijing will be transferred to work in Hangzhou, the headquarters for Alibaba, and some of them may choose to resign instead of going to work there. Local media reports state China Yahoo will compensate the employees who want to resign because of this move.

In addition, the top management from China Yahoo and has also undergone some changes. Wang Shuai, vice president of the marketing department of Alibaba, will work as general manager of China Yahoo and report to Zeng Ming, chief of the general staff of Alibaba. Meanwhile, Jin Jianhang, president of, will go to assist Jack Ma's work at Alibaba's board, and Zhang Yu, general manager of the consumer business department of, will work as general manager of, reporting to Lu Zhaoxi, president of


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