Intel's Consumer Electronics Group has selected WANdisco's Subversion MultiSite to support over 1000 developers located at sites in China and the United States to overcome the problems of wide area network performance, reliability and availability.

Before selecting WANdisco, Intel conducted a thorough search for a solution that could solve the problem of network reliability and speed between China and the US. After Intel implemented Subversion MultiSite, network performance and reliability were no longer issues. Now, the latest changes are always available everywhere and everything happens at local area network speed. Problems are caught and fixed when they occur, reducing quality assurance and rework.

In addition, downtime for maintenance went from over two hours each day to zero because of Subversion MultiSite's built-in hot backup, failover and automated recovery features. As a result, development cycle time and cost have been reduced by over 30%.

"We are extremely pleased that Intel has realized the savings in time and cost that WANdisco's unique technology brings to the development lifecycle in a globally distributed organization," said David Richards, president and CEO of WANdisco.


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