Chinese online anti-virus service provider Rising has set up its Cloud Security Alliance to help network administrators and Internet users deal with malicious websites.

Rising states that Cloud Security Alliance can help users monitor the security status of their websites in a real-time manner. Once a website is found to have been attacked, the network administrator of the website will be notified immediately. Apart from network administrators, common Internet users can also use the Alliance's search feature to identify security problem of their websites.

Rising will cooperate with, a website for Chinese network administrators, to jointly promote the Alliance among websites in China.

According to China Internet Network Information Center, there are about 700,000 enterprise websites in China. Rising's report shows that in the first half of 2009 alone, about 350,000 of these websites were attacked by hackers, which was a dramatic increase compared with that of the same period of 2008.

Websites, particularly those medium and small ones, are more often attacked by hackers, and this is because many of them lack a professional network administrator or their network administrator works on designing the website rather than monitoring the security of the website.


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