China Mobile Sichuan and China Post have launched their first joint business hall in Li County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

This project is an important measure for China Mobile Sichuan to set up a service system that covers counties and villages in Sichuan. In remote mountain areas and some ethnic minority areas in Sichuan, people need to spend a long time walking through mountain roads to conduct post and mobile communications services, due to poor transportation conditions. To solve these problems, China Mobile Sichuan plans to cooperate with China Post to further enhance the construction of its service sites and to set up joint business halls to serve the rural areas in Sichuan.

With this new business hall, local people can enjoy services of both China Mobile and China Post to save time and labor costs. In addition, they can access various information about employment, agricultural science and technology consulting.

The project is expected to realize a full coverage of 224 counties and 1,358 villages in Aba in the next two years, bringing convenience to 694,000 local residents.


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