To fight phishing websites and to further protect the legal rights and interests of Chinese Internet users, Chinese Internet security provider Kingsoft and one of China's largest third-party browser providers Maxthon have established a cooperation.

The two parties will work to enhance the security of Web browsing. A Maxthon-Kingsoft web shield product has also been launched as a part of the cooperation.

Commenting on the cooperation, Ge Ke, senior vice president of Kingsoft, told local media that the browser is the first defense to prevent Internet users from viruses. The cooperation between Kingsoft and Maxthon will promote the development of Internet security technologies to create a better Internet environment to users.

Maxthon stated that the upgrading of Maxthon Browser's security level is aimed to meet the demands of users and the cooperation with this leading Internet security provider in China will help the company deliver a safer browser product to users.

According to the monitoring statistics provided by Kingosft, there were 50,680 Chinese websites infected by trojans in August 2009 and 8,166,442 people visited these websites; and the number of phishing websites was 7,882 and 14,458,896 people visited these websites. At present, websites with trojans and phishing websites are the two major threats on the Chinese Internet.


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