Hong Kong Science Park will soon be home to new research into cloud computing technology.

CDC Software Corporation is expanding its Chinese research team at the Hong Kong Science Park to develop future cloud computing technology for the next generation of its enterprise solutions sold in China and around the world.

"We are delighted to launch our cloud computing initiatives in the Hong Kong Science Park, one of the most formidable research and development centers in the world," stated Alan MacLamroc, chief product and technology officer at CDC Software.

C.K. Wong, Ph.D., vice chairman of the board of directors of CDC Software and CEO of iASPEC Technologies and Services, will be directing this team. Sean Yu, chairman of CDC Software operations in China and vice president of the company's product engineering operations in Shanghai and Nanjing, will be supporting Wong and his team in Hong Kong. CDC Software also expects to leverage its technology partnerships with platform companies, such as Microsoft, in its future research and development initiatives with cloud computing.


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