Though not many details have been published about the agreement between China Unicom and Apple, an insider from China Unicom has revealed to local media that the company may start to sell Apple's iPhone in China from October 15, 2009.

At present, China Unicom has reportedly started the deployment of the sales plans for the iPhone and its provincial branches are able to apply for the sales of iPhones.

The insider stated that the sales of iPhones will be routed through Unicom Vsens, a subsidiary of China Unicom, and the iPhone handsets will be distributed across China via three channels, including direct supply to electronics marts, channel distribution, and Internet sales.

Binding with the two-year contract of a CNY186 monthly package, China Unicom's 8GB iPhone will be sold at CNY1,999 and the 16GB iPhone will be sold at 2,999.


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