Chinese telecom operator China Mobile has reached cooperation with ten Chinese content providers to jointly promote the development of the mobile phone reading industry.

The partnership was formed at China Mobile's mobile phone reading summit held in Hangzhou. Participants of the summit include executives from traditional Chinese publishers and literary websites such as China Publishing Group, China CITIC Press, Zhejiang Publishing United Group, Shanda Literature, and

Prior to this, more than 400 publishers have reportedly reached content cooperation with China Mobile. Under the cooperation, content providers will provide suitable e-book contents to China Mobile, while China Mobile will share profits with them at a certain ratio. China Mobile's mobile phone reading department is responsible for the content operation, technical support, and marketing for the mobile phone reading business.

China Mobile's mobile phone reading base is established in Zhejiang in March 2009. Depending on China Mobile's large user group, the base focuses on the promotion of a new book distribution model as well as the development of its electronic reader products.


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