According to Henan Communications Administration, basic telecom operating companies in this province have launched a joint processing platform to fight Chinese mobile text short messages and to further improve the coordination of anti-spam channels.

To promote the control of spam SMS, the administration published a notice about the special campaign, and this campaign will last until the end of this year. The notice requires these basic telecom operating companies to organize a complete anti-spam joint processing system and to enhance handling of outstanding problems such as lack of communication with users who complain about spamming.

China Mobile Henan, China Unicom Henan, and China Telecom Henan have signed the coordination agreement to crack down on spam short messages in Henan and these three major telecom operators in China have worked out detailed cooperation procedures for cross-network spam short messages processing. In addition, they clarified time limit, standards, and divisions of work for spam short messages processing.

In August 2009 alone, these telecom operators suspended the short message service of 4,678 mobile phone numbers that were involved in sending spam messages and blocked 140,000 viral spam messages.


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