Chinese telecom operator China Telecom has published a report stating that it will recruit core cooperative partners for its online mobile phone application store.

These core cooperative partners are meant to be developers and the company requires its cooperative partners to have high technology development and support ability. Meanwhile, they should have the development capability based on Java, Windows Mobile, Brew, and Symbian; and they should be able to do research and adaptation, targeting mainstream mobile phones.

In addition, these cooperative partners should have at least five mature application products and these products should be able to put into commercial use within a short period after the setting up of the cooperation. In return, China Telecom will provide a professional and secure payment channel and profit-sharing system.

Previous media reports revealed that China Telecom's online mobile phone application store will adopt four cooperative patterns with its partners, including application development, application cooperation, channel cooperation, and operating cooperation. By different patterns, the operator will offer different profit-sharing models.

China Telecom's online mobile phone application store started a beta test on September 1, 2009. It currently has over 100 shops, providing about 500 applications products in 11 categories, including games, phone themes, entertainment, lifestyle, communication, reading, travel, business, education, finance, and useful tools.


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