To further improve the handling of Internet and information security emergencies, Beijing Emergency Management Office and Beijing Economic and Information Technology Committee have jointly formulated and published an emergency technology plan.

This emergency plan, which has been approved by the municipal government of Beijing, aims to make emergency response efficient and orderly when Internet and information security problems occur. These problems include hacking incidents, broken undersea cables, and issues arising from earthquakes.

Based on the successful experiences from the network and information safeguard work during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the emergency plan follows the principal of "unified command, close coordination, rapid response, and scientific handling". According to the plan, a network and information security emergency organization will be set up in Beijing to clarify the duties and responsibilities of its member units.

The plan discusses two aspects, including prevention of emergencies and dealing with emergencies, and it introduces effective measures of monitoring and warning, emergency response, information management, and post-disposal arrangement. While further defining the levels of precaution and the emergency response system, it optimizes the basic working procedures and the information security plan system for handling Internet and information security emergencies.

The launch of the emergency plan is expected to raise Beijing's responsiveness to network and information security issues while also preventing and reducing damages caused by network and information security problems.


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