According to the latest quality supervision results for third quarter of 2009 published by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangdong Province, only 65% of the mobile phone batteries sold in the market are up to standard, while only 16.7% of the batteries made in Guangzhou are up to standard, and none of the chargers are up to standard.

AICGD inspected 40 batches of batteries produced by 31 enterprises and sold in Shantou, Shaoguan, Huizhou, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, and Maoming, and 65.0% were up to standard. Among the batteries produced by 31 enterprises in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou and Fujian, those of Guangzhou are of the worst quality. Problems with the substandard products are mainly inordinate amounts of discharge, high temperatures and low temperature performances.

Of the 40 batches of mobile phone battery chargers produced by 26 enterprises in six cities, none of them are up to standard, which is the first time in three years of inspections to have such a result.

Those substandard products will be cleared from store shelves, by edict of the local government agency.


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