Shanda Literature, the online literature subsidiary of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, has announced plans to seek partners for book copyright introduction, digital publication communications, e-books, and film and television works copyright transfer in Taiwan.

Wang Jing, director for Shanda's public relations, told Taiwanese local media that Shanda Literature's entrance into the Taiwanese market is a part of its overseas strategy. Its has already established cooperative relationship with well-known Taiwanese publishers and the traditional book department of exports over 100 copyrights of Chinese-traditional version books to Taiwan each year.

Wang said the single copyright export model can no longer meet the cooperation demands between Shanda Literature and the enterprises in Taiwan. The company plans to enhance its cooperation with these Taiwanese enterprises and to expand more businesses into Taiwan.

Founded in July 2008, Shanda Literature now owns three literature websites:,, and According to statistics published by the company in the second quarter of 2009, Shanda Literature's three websites had daily visitors of 400 million on average; the number of daily updated characters was 50 million; and the accumulated number of published characters was over 40 billion.


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