China's first "barrier-free" e-commerce website,, was recently launched during the 6th China Information Accessibility Forum held in Beijing.

Aimed at helping elderly and visually-impaired netizens, the website focuses on the online sales of green farm products. has cooperated with Hitachi Beijing Tech Information System Company Ltd. in the establishment of a website to ensure its accessibility for elderly and disabled people. While meeting their demands for healthy food, the website will help these people gain information and experience the e-commerce.

Wang Geyan, general manager of, revealed that the website now has special functions such as text zoom, change of web page colors, and an audio web page to provide convenience to people who have amblyopia, color amblyopia, and hearing problems.

Wang said while realizing the social value and public value of information accessibility, will contribute to the construction of a barrier-free environment and the sharing of information achievements. It hopes to play a leading role in the barrier-free transformation of Chinese e-commerce websites to allow all social groups to enjoy the Internet services.


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