China's Ministry of Commerce has recently published the latest performance statistics for the country's rural home appliances and electronics subsidy scheme and stated that by October 31, 2009, the total sales within the scheme had reached CNY50.842 billion.

According to the statistics, the total shipment of home appliance products was 65.875 million and about 28 million of these products were sold. Refrigerators were reportedly the most popular products among rural residents and over 13.67 million refrigerators have been sold since the launch of the scheme, accounting for 49.04% of the total sold products. Color TVs ranked the second on the list of the most popular home appliances and 5,788,383 were sold, accounting for 20.76% of the total. But only 6,833 gas water heaters were sold, make them the least popular product.

Of the total 348 selected enterprises for the scheme, 14 enterprises, including Guangdong Haodi Electrical Life Company and Guangdong Ouyi Electronic Company, have not sold any products.

Under the related check and management regulations for the enterprises selected in the scheme jointly launched by China's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce, these 14 enterprises may be blocked from the scheme in the future for their poor performance.



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