Chinese telecom operator China Telecom has set up a video center in Shanghai to develop its online and mobile video businesses.

The new video center will operate China Telecom's IPTV, mobile phone video, and Internet video services; and it will be responsible for the operation of China Telecom's nationwide video central platforms to support the development of the video business in various provinces. At the same time, the center will be committed to the construction of a social media video industry chain and establish Shanghai's video industry with the joint effort of the local government.

The main goal of this center is to formulate the development planning, cooperative strategy, and business model of China Telecom's video services to realize the unified development, in-depth operation, and scale promotion of its video business. China has many privately-owned video websites that populate themselves with user-generated content, and China Telecom plans to go after this market. As a reputable company with ties to local governments and government-run television media around China, China Telecom should be in an excellent position to easily outmaneuver these other video websites like and

In addition, China Telecom has launched an eSurfing video client. With the software, China Telecom's mobile phone users will be able to watch online movies, news, and other information via their mobiles phones.


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