Intel has unveiled its "2008-2009 Intel China CSR Report" as part of its global corporate social responsibility reporting initiative.

The report, which is said to be the first that has been compiled by Intel based on a strict third-party standard, covers Intel's endeavors in education, environmental protection, community contributions, and supply chain management in the past year. It also expatiates on Intel's management strategies and company governance.

Ge Jun, managing director of Intel China, said that the report was completed by strictly following the G3 sustainable development report guideline of the Global Reporting Initiative, which makes the report more transparent and precise. Ge added that Intel China went ahead this time with the report and it is expected to be soon followed by Intel operations in other regions. Ge also told local media that Intel would adopt the strict standard for the CSR report of all its global operations next year.

The report shows that Intel's social responsibility initiatives in China are closely related to the IT industry. Ge commented that CSR is more than money donations and instead it is a trend for CSR to be closely linked to a company's main business. However, Ge disagreed that a company shall link CSR investment with its revenue. He said that Intel has been invested in CSR initiatives despite the global financial crisis.

Around the world, Intel has been publishing reports on environment, health and safety since 1994, and it also began to release an annual CSR report in 2001.


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