Bamboo from a forest in Jiangxi will soon be part of some of Dell's computer packaging used around the world.

Dell announced it is shipping its Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v netbooks in packaging made from bamboo in Jiangxi. This bamboo serves as an alternative to molded paper pulp, foams and corrugate often used in packaging. The company plans to expand its use of bamboo packaging to more products in early 2010.

Dell is working with bamboo packaging supplier Unisource Global Solutions. The company sources its raw bamboo from a forest that follows Forest Stewardship Council principles and criteria. Dell is also working with UGS to secure FSC-certification for the bamboo's full supply chain, from the forest to the manufacturing facilities.

Dell, Georgia Pacific, UGS and Environmental Packaging International are also in the process of certifying the packaging for recycling.


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